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NYC with kids at Christmas

New York will always have a special place in my heart. I lived there before I met Jesse, and it came down to moving it made more sense for me to move to Maryland. I love the energy of the city and I love the time that I spent there but when I moved I was ready to move. I absolutely love going to visit and staying there and now that we have the boys I loved bringing them there too. I was trying to come up with a time to bring them this year and I wanted to bring them up to see the tree at Rockefeller so we decided to go on a weekday when it wouldn’t be as crowded. Jesse took a day off work and we took the boys out of school, we left around 9:30 AM and we got there around 12:30 1 o’clock we planned on looking for parking at Rockefeller Center but it turns out that it’s only parking for commercial vehicles only so we spent a lot of time looking for parking I decided to look at the spot hero app which I use to reserve a lot of spots when I’m going into a city and I reserved a spot right before we are pulling into a parking lot around Grand Central. We decided to make Grand Central her first we went there to use the bathrooms and get a slice of pizza from slice the pizza wasn’t the typical New York style pizza but it didn’t matter to Connor and Paul because they were both hungry from there we took the subway over towards Times Square I think the subway was their favorite part because they were on the train and because we weren’t walking. In Time Square they both love seeing that characters dressed up Connor and kept saying where’s Hole where’s Iron Man there’s a Mickey and Minnie out there to looking for us to take pictures of them but we passed $$. From there we went to Santaland at Macy’s this is another big mistake because we are already in Times Square and we had a walk down to Macy’s on 34th St. which is in a very long walk when you have two small kids it was a long walk and it was freezing so we went to Santaland at Macy’s and we had the fast pass so the kids got to see Santa and we are in and out within 20 minutes there was also an espresso boutique there so I got to sample some coffee. From there we walked back up to Rockefeller and I got to see one of my friends it still works there we saw the tree and it’s entirety it was so pretty when it was dark we also made a stop in the Lego store which was another thing that Cole live and he would’ve stayed in the Lego store the whole time if he Rockefeller we went and we saw the lights at Saks fifth we also went to Brian Park it was there a tree lighting ceremony there but we didn’t get it we didn’t stay for the tree lighting ceremony. From there we went to this place called urban plates it’s like a cafeteria set up for they have all different restaurants and a common area for people to sit I love this concept we have one here locally in Clarksville and people go and they can get whatever food they want and then just come back and congregate with each other they had a happy hour there so I got a glass of wine and then we are both ready to head out, and Connor was absolutely miserable by that point I think he was tired of sitting and walking and Cole was just tired of walking I think they appreciated going into the city but the least favorite part was all the walking that we day we hit about 15,000 steps and I looked at Cole just said you’re lazy !!! :)

Most dos! Grand central Take the shuttle subway to time square Time square - Disney store LEGO store in Rockefeller And of course the tree Reserve parking on spot hero!!! So much easier  We didn’t get a real NY slice of pizza, but it’s a must! Bring an umbrella stroller, big strollers do not do well in nyc!

Outfit Choice:

Distressed Jeans

Black backpack

Comfy black new balances

Long gap coat

Hat from h&M

Fitted crew sweater

Until next time New York I <3 you!

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