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Active Mom Travels - The Grove Resort, Orlando, FL

Updated: May 24, 2022

I’m so excited to introduce you to a new series that I’m starting here on my Active Mom

blog. I get a lot of questions from my clients asking me about how they stay active, fit

and healthy while travelling and on vacation. With the summer months quickly

approaching, you are probably thinking about that family vacation to the beach or even

traveling abroad. I travel a fair amount and thought it may be helpful to see how I stay

healthy on the road…and you get the little bonus of hearing about the amazing places

that I am visiting.

My first Active Mom Travels post is from my recent trip to Orlando, Florida. I first started

planning this trip last August, since I wasn’t sure where Covid was going to take us.

From my research, The Grove Resort & Waterpark in Orlando looked like a great place to visit! It had a stunning

waterpark and was only about 16 minutes away from Magic Kingdom Disney. And, they

even had hotel shuttles that dropped you off at Disney Transportation! I booked the

perfect apartment for our family with two bedrooms, a living space, and a kitchen area.


I must admit, Orlando wasn’t on my list of most exciting places to visit on Spring Break,

but once when we arrived my feelings quickly changed. The resort was nestled back off

a main thoroughfare in Orlando with a beautiful sign that read “The Grove Resort &

Waterpark in Orlando”. The entrance was lined with palm trees and just looked very

welcoming and warm. Our room was perfect.  It was overlooking a sandy area with palm

trees and one of the pools. We were able to check in early around 12 PM, which was

very convenient when travelling with active children.


The water park at The Grove was fairly empty the first day. We took the kids down to

the water park and we were able to snag two chairs! The boys went up and down the

waterslide and we floated around the lazy river. It was a gorgeous atmosphere to relax

and all the employees were attentive and helpful.

When we arrived in Orlando, I picked up some healthy food options from Publix. Since

the apartment in the resort had its own kitchen, it was so nice to be able to make my

own food and not have to eat out so much.

On Thursday, I planned for us to go to Disney. I booked Magic Kingdom because with

post Covid rules, you need to have reservations for each park. I admit that I didn’t do

much research on Disney. I relied on my friend that was in Orlando to give me some

tips as we went along. Since we were only going for one day, I didn't want to put too

much time into it.

We got to Magic Kingdom around 8:30am on Thursday and ended up standing in line

for Splash Mountain for about 45 minutes until they started having technical difficulties.

We got out of line at that time, but luckily, we were able to get into Splash Mountain a

little bit later in the day. FYI, Splash Mountain is my favorite Magic Kingdom ride, so I’m

so glad we got to ride it!

I purchased the Genie Plus pass and I think that it is an absolute must! Other

than Splash Mountain, the most that we waited for in line was for about 15

minutes. Since I had a kitchen in my resort, I was able to make and bring my own lunch

and snacks with me to the Magic Kingdom. After such a full day, we were tapped out by

4 pm. If we were staying on a Disney property, we would have went back for the

evening to see the fireworks. Overall, my boys didn't love Magic Kingdom. Epcot,

Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios will be next on my list.

We had friends from Maryland meet us at The Grove, and we spent the next few days

lounging around the pool and in the lazy river. My advice would be to get to the pool

early because people are lining up at 9:30 AM to put towels on chairs, since there’s a

limited number of umbrellas. Bring a portable umbrella if you have one!

I ran between 4-5 miles every morning, the humidity was KILLER, my perceived effort

was a 100. I normally am antsy to go different places while on vacation, but I really just

enjoyed relaxing, having coffee on the screened in porch, and enjoying my time with my

family and friends.

I mentioned that I was able to pack my lunch and take it to Disney, but I wanted to share

a little more about what I ate on this vacation. For breakfast, I had Greek yogurt, granola

and fruit. I typically packed a salad with chicken for lunch, depending on our activities.

And, then I focused on a healthy protein as the main part of my dinner. As I was

enjoying myself on vacation, I did indulge in some desserts and wine.

If you were looking for a relaxing vacation in Orlando, I would definitely recommend The

Grove Resort and Waterpark! Hope you enjoyed this series. Next travel destination to

be announced soon….

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