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Building a home studio!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

For years we have been talking about building a gym in our garage. My husband would ask me if I wanted a gym and I was always weary, because #1 I would lose my parking spot in the garage #2 its a huge commitment! What if Active Mom doesn't work out? What if I loose clients? The questions in my head were going in circles.

Our accountant came to do our taxes in March and we talked about making Active Mom a LLC, and he very much recommended it. He said to write down everything I was putting into the company for tax purposes and to start on it asap.

By April, I was an official LLC- whoop! And Jesse and I decided to make the garage an Active Mom studio. I took all the What ifs out of my head, and decided to do it. Theres no reward without a risk. My business is going well, my husband is supportive and willing to build the gym for me, I turned my what if into a why not?

We bought a shed to put all the stuff that is in our garage in, and took out a loan to build our dream gym.

Jesse started working on the gym mid May and hasn't stopped, I have to say I am lucky to have a very handy husband. He starts as soon as he gets home from work and stops when it gets dark.

I am excited for the all the opportunities the gym is going to bring Active Mom, the best is yet to come!

Progress photos below!

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