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Ski slopes with Kids

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I always dread in the winter. I do believe that I should be in a warmer climate than Maryland. This winter my boys are seven and four, and I thought it was time that they learn how to ski/snowboard. I tried skiing probably 12 years ago and I really didn’t have an interest for it, I tried snowboarding and I felt so many times that I said I would never do it again. Since my kids were learning were learning how to ski, I really had no excuse not to try again. Call really wanted to try snowboarding so I put him in a lesson for two hours with snowboarding school and Connor was too young to try snowboarding so he went in skiing. We went to liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania I really had no idea what to expect we showed up 15 minutes prior to the lesson, on Presidents’ Day! There was such a long line for rentals!! I honestly could not believe it, I somehow got in front of the line and got rentals for Connor, Jesse was able to get a snowboard rental for Cole. We rushed them to their lesson they were 15 minutes late but overall they were fine.

Jesse and I went down the bunny slope and I felt pretty comfortable so I suggested the green mountain and again I felt pretty comfortable going down and so did he so we went down a few more times before we had to pick up the kids. I actually got a thrill from skiing I am a thrillseeker but I don’t want to get hurt in the process that’s why I’m not trying snowboarding again!!! I do think snowboarding is cooler but I’m ok with sticking the skis for now. When the boys were done with their lesson we took them up the bunny slope Connor went with Jesse and I was able to go down the mountain with Cole while he’s snowboarding I honestly cannot believe how good he was!! I think that it’s easier to catch onto snowboarding or skiing at a young age. I was so impressed by both of them there was a lot of falls and tears but overall they had a good time. We had such a good time that I booked another trip two weeks later.

This will make winters go by faster and more bearable!!!

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