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Jewel Runaway Bay

Updated: May 11, 2020

Every February we go to Florida, this year we wanted to try something different so we chose Jamaica (from a recommendation) we went to Jewel Runaway Bay in Runaway bay Jamaica.

I reached out to the social media coordinator there Tashelia Harris to get the scoop on our stay, she had been so wonderful in helping me so I was really looking forward to our trip!

When we first arrived in Jamaica it took us awhile to get on the shuttle, we had someone getting our transportation and there was some mix up with the hotel and the transportation company. It was about a hour before we actually left the airport, I really had to work on my "island time." - which is so hard for me!

When we first got to Jewel Runaway Bay, I was skeptical it looked rundown and when the bellman took us to our room he mixed up our room with my in laws. Our room set up was fine, it had a king bed and two twins for the boys. The biggest issues with the rooms was the loud door that wouldn't shut, the bed that made noises every time we tossed and turned and oh the toilet leaked!

Outside of the rooms the resort was beautiful it had a nice beach and a huge waterpark for the kids which was a huge plus this is one of the reasons that we chose Jewel Runaway Bay. I am not an all-inclusive person at all, I like to venture out and see different things so choosing an all-inclusive was really tough for me. I really just wanted somewhere that the kids can have fun and we wouldn’t have to leave the resort and Jewel Runaway Bay had everything that the kids needed.

One of the reason I do not like all in inclusives is the food aspect, everything starts to taste the same even if you eat at different restaurants. Lets start with breakfast at JRB, I would hit up the latte area and get an almond milk latte every morning (this was my favorite!) I dont think the woman working the coffee station cracked a smile until the last day of my visit. We would grab food from the buffet, there was fresh pineapple, canelope and payapaya. Two different egg stations, someone asked for olive oil instead of vegatable oil for their omlette and you should have seen the looks given!!! Egg boy was very personable and talked to everyone that came through line. There was fresh smoothies and a couple selections of cereal.

Lunch was the jerk chicken hut that you had to get to right when it opened or you would be waiting in line, I had only read great review about the jerk chicken hut so had to give it a try, aside from the lattes the jerk chiekn was my favorite thing at the resort. Other than the jerk chicken they had the buffet and a hamburger/sandwich hut.

Most of the restaurants for dinner didn’t open until 6:30 PM and there would be a line about 50 yards deep of people waiting in line, and by that time my kids were too hungry so we would just have to go to the buffet. We tried the one cafe inside and the Asian resturant we were only able to get a reservation there the last night. I felt like they steered everyone in the direction of going to buffet!

I did not find the staff to be overly friendly, there were a few times I had a request and they weren’t tended to and the wait staff wasn’t overly nice(everyone else in my party thought they were ok) for instance one night it was 6 pm. I asked for the volleyball because my six-year-old wanted to play volleyball - they told me I couldn’t have a volleyball because volleyball ends at 5 o’clock! There was no one even on the beach, all we wanted to do was pass the volleyball back and fourth. This is something that really bothered me, I have respect for rules, but in my book this was harmless.

The last day it was overcast and windy, we walked down to the beach and did painting with Clyde on the beach, the boys loved it! He did a great job and I can see why the painting on the beach is such a hit.

Now the important part how did I get my workouts in?? I went for runs every morning outside of the resort for the most part it was fine I wasn’t scared of people I was scared of the loose animals (there were a few stray dogs).

They also had a gym there it didn’t have any air-conditioning but that was fine by me they had enough equipment to make things work. They had two women they’re doing fitness classes I think it’s fit bodies unite and it’s something that I really want to look into doing!!!

Overall it was a good stay, although my opinion still stands on all inclusives.

The best parts of the trip:

Water Park

RIght on the beach


Not having to drive anywhere




Not being able to drive anywhere

Distance from airport

I also have to mention that Jewel Runaway bad is about two hours from the airport so it took us about 2 1/2 hours from the resort to the airport to get home and I’m not sure that the trip was worth it for those 2 1/2 hours! If you have questions about this resort please ask I’m willing to answer any questions that you may have!

Yo mon!

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