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What to EAT during a Long Run!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Planning your nutrition for before, during and after any long run is key to getting you through it in both the speediest and most enjoyable manner possible! If you are training for a run over 90 min, I recommend fueling during training to nail down your race day fueling plans.

On runs over 90 min practice your fueling

You can practice fueling on shorter runs too

Fuel every 30-45 min starting EARLY in the run/race

I have tried GELS, and they do not work for my tummy. I have found taking them with water does help.


Suggestions on the run:

Take your first gel/block/gu/jelly beans starting at 45 minutes into a long run/race that is going to be over 90 minutes. Don’t wait until you “feel like you need to eat”. Be pro active with fueling. You may not think you need it, but it will help you tremendously.

Take 25-60 grams of carbs (the amount depends on your weight) each hour of the run

GEL favorites:


Honey Stinger

SIS Go energy


Caffeine Bullet

Real Food favorites:


Jelly beans


Sour watermelon candy

Energy squeeze from run fast eat slow

Post run Bagel

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