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Wineglass Half Marathon

I have been interested in running wine glass the last few years, when races started to come back this year I decided to sign up. I trained tough through the summer, I love love fall running, but summer training really tests your fitness! I also signed up for Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC Cherry blossom did not go well for me, I hit a wall and could not get past it. I finished with a good time, but not the race I wanted.

Wine glass was my goal half, below you will see my recap. Wine Glass Committee put on a HELLA of a race, from the expo to the after party. I will be back :)


After Cherry blossom a few weeks ago I worried about how my body would feel competiting again. I continued speed work the week after Cherry blossom. Last weekend instead of a long easy run I did 10 mile run with a steady slate for 6 miles, with gradually increasing pace. As far as nutrition I started adding in more carbs than I normally eat last week. I was eating cous-cous mixed with veggies and meat, I had some pizza and the night before the race I had a turkey sandwich plus lots and lots of water! The morning of I have almond butter on white bread and a banana two hours prior to the race. We had time before the race since we had to take the shuttle to the start line. I felt good before the race, I was able to go to the bathroom (praise jesus) and by the time we got to the start I had been up for almost three hours. We did not do a warm up, it was raining and wet, we preferred to wait in the open school they offered.

I ran with my friend the first 3 miles, she is a good pacer and helped me from starting too fast. I maintained a good pace, my goal was to kick into gear at mile 8, I kept thinking I did not want to crash. Mile 8 came around and I just felt I couldn't kick into the gear that I wanted to, I tried a Shot Block and my teeth just could not chew, I ended up just spitting it out. I have tried GUs in the past and they just do not work my tummy, I do suggest drinking some water with a GU if you can handle them! After mile 8, my next goal was to kick it in at mile 10, that didn't feel good either. My new goal was to finish the race. Mile 12, my feet were so wet and filled with water I felt like I weight an additional 5 lbs, I contemplated taking my shoes off, I think that was a crazy thought :) Seeing the finish line felt so good, I shake I wobbled and almost couldn't stand but I finished! I also witnessed my girl Rachel get a PR and see a very close friend of my mine at the finish line. I didn't reach my goal this race, but I am happy and proud with the finish!

The day after I did a 2 mile shake out, following that I took a few days off. My body hurt for about a week!

After the race Rachel and I enjoyed beautiful Seneca lake wineries, my favorite kind of destination races include post wine afternoons!

Next race is Sole of the City 10k in Baltimore!

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