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Fitness tips on the go

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Do you find it hard to exercise on the go? A question I get asked most frequently is how do I exercise when I travel or when I am constantly on the go with my kids?

When I am traveling I always make sure to bring sneakers and workout clothes with me. I will always scope out the hotel gym, and there is normally some downtime in the day when I get a quick run in or just some strength training. Resistance bands are a great resource when traveling, they dont take up a lot of room and there are so many different exercises to do with them, also check out booty bands!

Another tip is to watch what you are eating when you travel (no fun, right?) eating healthy can be so good and make you feel better when you are on the road. I tend to eat lean meats, and high protein meals. I bring homemade granola or granola bars to munch on or dried fruit. I bring a big bottle of water and coconut water. I also love Bark Thins dark chocolate, its great to have something sweet!

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